Setup New Extender Using mywifiext.local by Manual Method

Mywifiext is mainly used to increase the Wi-fi signals of your router at your home or office. As it improves the speed of your router which helps in building up the experience of playing games with high graphics, watching HD movies or videos without any interruption. You can do Netgear range Extender Setup in various ways such as ethernet, WPS, etc instead you can also set up your extender via mywifiext.local. Further, there are few steps to expand the range of your router as below:-


Guide to setup new extender via mywifiext.local :

  1. First of all, be sure that your Netgear extender is getting full power supply and is connected to your home or office router.
  2. Put your router and new extender setup close to each other so that they can connect to each other completely.
  3. Now, look for wireless or wired devices such as laptop or smartphone which is used to connect your router and extender
  4. Then, move to the wifi settings on the device and search for Netgear extender connect it. However, the green LED  light will blink twice but if it does not then you will see the red LED light on the extender. Then, go through the above steps again and try to connect it again.
  5. After getting connected head towards the browser of your choice on the device and type mywifiext.local on the web address.
  6. Proceed to the website and look for the new extender setup option, then you will be redirected to the web page for adding up the information like username and password to setup.
  7. When the process is complete the green LED light will blink in the extender but, in case the extender shows red LED light this shows that it is connected properly. Then repeat the previous steps again.
  8. Now, proceed further and place your extender b/w the wi-fi router and the dead area or where there is a lack of signal.
  9. So, now your extender is good to go and will provide the proper signals at your weak areas in your home or office.

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