Netgear AC1200 Setup

Using the Netgear AC1200 WiFi range extender setup to get ultra-high-speed internet connections. The Netgear AC1200 Setup provides you with quick WiFi output with up to 1200Mbps bandwidth with AC dual-band WiFi. It is compatible with almost all wireless routers that are standard. The system uses frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz to connect to your current WiFi network and expand the signal to a greater distance. 

A FastLane link to your current router or WiFi modem is provided by this Netgear WiFi range extender. This dedicated access, unlike other standard WiFi extenders, increases the current internet speed and improves the overall efficiency of the WiFi network. 

So, now you’re very acquainted with the AC1200 WiFi Setup from Netgear. With its setup process, let ‘s proceed further. 

Netgear AC1200 Setup

AC1200 Netgear Configuration

To set up the Netgear AC1200 WiFi range extender, there are two main methods: using the installation assistant and through the WPS push button using mywifiext local. In brief, both strategies are discussed below: 

Netgear Extender Setup Installation Assistant Using mywifiext

To mount your Netgear AC1200 wireless extender using the installation assistant, follow the instructions given below: 

  • Firstly, in the same room as your current router, position your mywifiext extender. 
  • Plug it into a source of power and switch it on. 
  • Open the WiFi manager on your PC or laptop and connect to the extender’s network. 
  • Now, open your preferred web browser. 
  • Head over to the web page on 
  • Fill in the user name and username password when asked. 
  • If, after several login attempts, you get the ‘password and username is wrong’ mistake, call our expert technicians at toll-free +1-866-988-8965. 
  • Until completed, the assistant for the New Netgear Extender Setup installation will come into view. 
  • Walkthrough the steps on-screen and finish the configuration of your New Netgear AC1200 setup. 

Now, unplug the New extender setup and put it where you like in a new place in the house. Make sure you put the extender away from nuclear devices such as microwaves, treadmills, washing machines, baby monitors, cordless phones, Bluetooth gadgets, and refrigerators at a certain distance. 

Reconnect all your wired and wireless devices to an expanded WiFi network newly built. That way, with the Netgear extender Setup, you can improve your WiFi. 

Netgear WiFi Range Extender Setup Using WPS Push Button for mywifiext

Did you find the setup process above a little troublesome for you? Don’t worry! For you, we’ve got another way. For the Netgear AC1200 setup, use the WPS (WiFi Safe Setup) command. Here’s how to set up an AC1200 extender for Netgear using WPS: 

  • Place and switch on your AC1200 extender at an optimum spot. 
  • Now, click on it with the WPS button. 
  • You’ll note that the LED WPS light is beginning to blink. It means that with the current router, the extender is being programmed. 
  • After some time, your extender will have three strong green lights on it. It indicates that the configuration process between the router and your extender has been completed. 
  • Connect with our experts via mywifiext.local, if you do not see any LED lights on your Netgear extender setup. 
  • If your router offers support for the 5 GHz band, repeat the above steps once you link the Netgear extender Setup to the 5 GHz band of
  • Once done, unplug and put the extender anywhere in the house you want. 
Netgear AC1200 Setup

Congratulations! You have correctly set up and installed your Netgear AC1200 Setup. Connect all your WiFi-compatible devices to your network, and even in the backyard, enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity in the house. 

When setting up your Netgear AC1200 extender, if you have any issues, do not hesitate to call us at +1-866-988-8965 and get instant solutions.

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