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Why is there a need to use an MYWIFIEXT extender? 

Winter has arrived and there’s nothing more comfortable than snuggling in the bedroom with a cozy and warm bedsheet, watching your favorite web series, but then a nightmare invades- the episode keeps loading and it never happens.

If you find this scenario relatable then you are welcome to the “suffering from wireless connection” club. But the good thing is that you can get rid of this annoying problem with a device named MYWIFIEXT extender. 

What exactly is the MYWIFIEXT extender? 

It is basically a device that is connected to the existing internet connection at your home (router) by either using an Ethernet cable or making a wireless connection between the two. The device helps in increasing the range of your existing Wi-Fi network by boosting it’s connectivity and eradicating the dead zones in your house that are created because of the availability of interfering media such as walls or appliances. 

How MYWIFIEXT extender does boost the network? 

The MYWIFIEXT Wi-Fi range extender (MYWIFIEXT extender, for the sake of simplicity) first connects with your router and then stores the existing signals emitted by it. After that, it broadcasts those signals again through a different channel. This enables you to get a wider range of connections.

However, the most challenging deal is to find an area where you need to put the extender. You have to ensure that the extender is placed close enough to the router so that it can catch the network and is kept far enough to extend the network gradually. 

Difference between Wi-Fi extender, repeater, and booster

A lot of people seem to be confused about the three different types of devices namely extender, repeater, and booster. That’s because the name sounds familiar and the purpose seems to be identical as well. However, that’s totally untrue because these three are used for varying purposes. Let us know about the difference between the three: 

Wi-Fi extender: These devices work on the principle of grabbing the pre-existing wireless networks that emit from your router and then broadcasting them again to help them reach even further. Moreover, you get the option to connect them with the help of an Ethernet cable and wirelessly too which means that the connection strength will be higher than that of an existing router. Furthermore, they are less likely to be interfered with by the connection blocking elements such as walls or appliances. 

Wi-Fi repeater: These are often referred to as first-generation extenders and they work similarly as an extender. They too first catch a signal and then broadcast them again to extend the range of the network. The only difference that sets it apart from other equipment is that it works on a singular band due to which you will be able to use only half the bandwidth that further results in higher latency.

Wi-Fi booster: You’ll be amazed to know that there is no such thing as a Wi-Fi booster and it is just a different name from the above two gadgets. Non-tech people usually use this word to describe repeaters and extenders.

So these were the differences between MYWIFIEXT extender, repeater, and booster. Just so you know, there is another component as well which is known as mesh Wi-Fi extender which makes use of several routers at once to establish a network that enhances the range of the network all over your house. 

Why there is a need for MYWIFIEXT extender? 

There are several reasons to use a Wi-Fi extender and it is not just limited to the consequences of poor signal. Here are a few reasons due to which you must use an MYWIFIEXT extender: 

  1. Other floors of your house don’t have any network connection 

Nowadays, people are moving more towards duplexes and opt for multiple floored houses. You might have a router installed at a perfect location in your hall or any room downstairs or you might have a room exclusively for entertainment purpose but this limits the usability for the people who live upstairs. The reason for no network in such rooms is nothing but the availability of the ceiling of the room at the bottom and the floor of the top room. 

Now you need to think vertically if you want to add the coverage to these rooms. You need to install an extender upstairs in a way that it is parallel to the router located downstairs. 

For example, if there’s a room directly above the hall where you have installed the router, place the MYWIFIEXT router just in that room in a position, parallel to the router. This will ensure that the extender catches the signals by the router efficiently and extends it to cover the whole upstairs. 

  1. You have multiple users 

If there are a lot of people who use your network and you face a slow down of speed then an extender can help you to regain the original speed of your signal even if several people are connected at once. You just need to ensure that you use a dual-band router and not a single band router. The range of dual-band routers can be extended much well than that of single-band routers.  

  1. You want to access the internet outside your house 

There are several reasons such as summer when staying outside in your balcony or backyard feels more comfortable than staying inside. Moreover, if you can get the work done outside then it is a cherry on the top. An extender can help you to get connectivity outside your house by improving the range of your network. Moreover, ensure that there are lesser or no walls available. The secret for this is to place the Wi-Fi extender in a room that has an access point for outdoors. Just remember that the location where you place the extender will determine the capability of it to extend the network. 

Bottom Line 

So that’s how you can get rid of the poor Network connection at your home or outdoors. We hope that you found this guide on MYWIFIEXT router helpful and will employ the practices mentioned. 

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